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This is cool. I bought it because it can transfer your drawings and notes instantly to your computer with just a pen, paper, and reciver. Looks much better then any graphics tablet like Bamboo or Cintiq.…

Top 15 Favorite Games/Game Series that have Impacted me

The rules: Pick 15 video games that will always stay with you. Tag 15 friends... HAHAAHAH, I'm not gonna tag anyone... This is in no real order but what I had the strongest memories with. Even then they were all close. For me my favorite games are the ones with the best memories. Oh and I lied when I said that this journal will be a top ten, turns out it is going to be a top fifteen! Sorry if the text is kinda long, but you could just read the game names and skip everything.

    1.) Pokémon Blue Version (1998, Gameboy) On my 5th birthday I received two gifts that changed my life! A Gameboy color and Pokemon Blue Version. It was my first game and handheld to call my own. It started me on a path that led to love games. Have you ever lost something and missed it more because it was lost. Last I remember playing my GBC and Pokemon Blue Version was a day my family decided to go somewhere like a national park or something. We went inside a theater room that I have no memory of. In fact I hardly remember my play time with my Gameboy. My years up to 10 were kinda fuzzy and I had nothing but a hand full of memories. And one of those memories was that I had lost what I had cherished most. And I had obsessed over that loss for years until...

    2.) Pokémon Sapphire Version (2002, Gameboy Advanced) This game was the first Pokemon game that I remember playing all the way through and beating. My brother tried to convince me to get Ruby instead because he wanted Sapphire so that he could try out a "blue" colored Pokemon game because he owned Pokemon Red and Gold. I didn't want to go to the "red side" because I had lost my gbc and "blue sided" Pokemon games with it (Blue and Silver). I had to have Sapphire because it was the only way to heal this deep wound I had. Plus I had heard that the female villains were hot :D . I still own the game to this day.

    3.) Super Smash Brothers (1999, Nintendo 64) The Original Super Smash Brothers was the best. It became a fun family game that let us beat up each other without the physical pain. Unless you were me, the little brother who would get punched if I sat close to my older brother and puled an amazing win my epic skills. Hours were spent playing the first, second and third Smash Bros. And playing the demo for the 3DS version has got me psyched. 

    4.) Jak and Daxter (2001, Playstation 2) First game that I bought on my own! I tried it out at my sister's apartment and told myself that this was the BEST game ever! We already owned a PS2 as a family and my parents decided to give us money to do chores around the house around that time. Let me tell you that I was motivated like no other to earn that game. I remember it being $20 and I had to earn 5 tickets per dollar (that's how my mom payed me BTW). Finally bought it and it was great to earn something after hard work. Beat the game 101% as fast as I could. Then one day one of my cousins came over, as I was at a sport camp of all things, and was playing my game started a new game save because he didn't want to play over my file. BUT little did he know that collecting one of the main collectibles automatically saves the game. And that happened right as I was coming back home from a dumb camp and I saw the save happen right before my eyes. Needless to say I was sad, but I did it again! 101% Completed and it was just as fun the second time.

    5.) Banjo Tooie (2000, Nintendo 64) The first level I tried out of this game... Dinosaurs... GIGANTIC T-rex transformation. For a young boy that was all I needed to want to play this game. I received my own copy MUCH later and rushed as fast as I could to the dinosaur level. As I played through the game I thought how enjoyable it was and our family owned very little games so I had to complete games in order to get my fill. I believe that I completed the game once but it was so long I needed no other game. I go back to it every so often and play. Once I did everything I could and saved each and every boss for last so that I could have a boss rush that didn't involve me with a minimal health bar and limited ammo. Like in the boss battles option.

    6.) Kingdom Hearts one and two (2002 - 2005, Playstation 2) This was the most engaging fast paced combat game that I played at the time. The story was interesting too. Disney and something called Final Fantasy mixed together to create this wonderful game. There were no specific memories other then difficult boss battles and joy! I didn't realize how deep the story was until I played the second game. The second even had better combat mechanics and stronger bosses. I saved just before every Organization 13 member battle just because they were the most epic.

    7.) StarCraft II (2010, PC) Starcraft and Starcraft Brood War were those games that I was to young to really play both mentally and physically. It was another family shared game that I so wished that I could play along with my older brothers but as you would say... I was a noob at the game. Zerg was the race I chose because they were the less complicated in my mind to build but I was still a noob until Starcraft II came out. When Wings of Liberty was in beta all my family who wanted to play got a beta key and played ourselves silly, as for me I was practicing. Beta ended and the long wait for me to buy the game was at hand. Finally traded for the money to buy it with a Walmart gift card and started practicing again. Yes I was playing for the fun of it but I wanted to beat my brothers at a game series they played for ages. Finally I did it, I was on the same level as all my brothers and cousins and I was even better then most of them. I finally beat them all, each in one-on-one games and in free for alls I was the winner or second place. Now I have let my skills go rusty and my brothers decided to practice so they could assert there authority over me as the better Starcraft players. But that doesn't matter I was already the best once and held that position for a year or so.

    8.) Shadow of the Colossus (2005, PS2) This game was introduced to me by one of my cousins who owned the game and LOTS of other games too. This was the game that told me games are Art and pointed me to the path of game development. I also realized that I LOVE epic boss battles in a game. If you create a game with shoddy bosses don't expect me to play. I remember trying to figure out each and every colossus and how to beat them my cousin sometimes caved and gave me hints on how to reveal there weak spots but all in all I figured it out myself. Shadow of the Colossus set the bar to how strong and great boss battles are for me. It wasn't just art it was the best boss rush in the world.

    9.) Breath of Fire II (1994, SNES) Favorite RPG series that wasn't Pokemon. The 1st game was nice but I haven't beaten it yet, 3rd game had the best combat/game-play, 4th game had the best story/visuals, never played the 5th game. But the second game was my favorite because of the characters and the times I replayed it. It was like watching a TV series and each new town was like a new episode that was progressively more and more entertaining. Family never owned and SNES but my brother had an amazing secret that I wont share even though it's kinda obvious by now. I played up to a point to were I had no idea of where to go mainly because I had only understood half of what I read. So what did I do? I restarted the whole game and played from the beginning. It felt like a TV marathon just before the reveal of the final episode but I got stuck at the same part. Later I discovered that there existed free guides on the internet for all games and so I found the one for BoF2 and I may have started over again because I had forgotten the story and finally beat it. I got all the endings and set the game aside with a satisfied play.

    10.) Starfox 64 (1997, Nintendo 64) "You're good, but... What the heck?" "Daddy screamed real good before he died!" "Do a barrel roll!". Oh the strange and funny quotes with this game. My brother, cousin and I played this game a lot trying to beat each others scores. I remember after one of my play-throughs we decided to do a multiplayer game and found out that we unlocked TANKS! That was so cool we didn't just have a dog fights in the sky we also were able to have mini tank wars.

    11.) Yoshi's Island (1995, SNES) I liked this game a lot. I mainly started playing it after finding out that Yoshi was my strongest character in smash brothers. There was no real strong memory with this game except that the Bosses were fun to beat. I even made one of them my pet... I had to put it down because it kept attacking me.

    12.) MegaMan X 1, 2, and 3 (1993 - 1995, SNES) These were the COOLEST Megaman games EVER! The classic Megaman games where good but unfair. You know Elecman's stage. Megaman X was challenging and fair. These games also taut me how to make good games. How to teach a player without telling them how to play.

    13.) Ratchet and Clank 3 and Deadlocked (2004 - 2005, Playstation 2) A friend from elementary school through middle school showed me these games and we played them together. Deadlocked especially because it was co-op and we even tried to create our own video series called DREDlock and it played exactly like the cutscenes in Deadlock so we decided to scrap the project. We made one episode of stop motion, with Bionicle and Legos that was... not the greatest movie let me tell you. But it was fun!

    14.) Resident Evil 5 (2009, X-Box 360) RE5 was my favorite Resident Evil game because it plays so well if you have a friend to play it with. My cousin Josh and I spent over 100 hours playing and replaying the crap out of the main game, DLC, and in mercenaries mode trying to get the best score possible on each map. I played so much that when we went outside to a park or something I kept trying to press an invisible button to locate my cousin that would normally show me where my game partner was in RE5.

    15.) Secret of Mana (1993, SNES) I've played the beginning of this game SOOOO many times. I never got further then the second or third dungeon because I played it in the play room of the exercise gym that my Mom would go to every so often. I never had time to beat it because the file would always get erased when I left and come back. I got a hold of the game and beat it. It was beautiful to finally see the ending of this game that the thought of not beating has plagued me for so long.

Honorable Mentions

    Animal Crossing -- 
    Castle Crashers -- 
    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles -- 
    Golden Eye 007 -- 
    Ledgend of Zelda Twilight Princess -- 
    Mario Galaxy -- 
    Metal Gear Solid Series
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle -- 
    Sonic and Knuckles -- 
    SSX Tricky -- 
    Turok Evolution -- 
    Worms Armageddon
    X-Men Next Dimension -- 


    I am working my butt off at work and in making games, drawing, and animating. Now why in the world am I doing that? It is because I have to practice finishing things. I read in an article that you should treat finishing projects as a skill and you should practice it as much as possible. So what am I finishing, you may ask? Two games that I have started before my mission, a comic series that I started before my mission, an animation commission somebody messaged me about during my mission, and maybe one more animation series that I started WAY before my mission. I may break down and fall apart but for now I am doing things bit by bit. Accomplishing small goals to give me moral to continue. I love my work and I want to continue this so that I may be great enough to entertain the whole world with good media. Next journal will hopefully elude to the projects that I am working on. Until then...

This is IngoLingo signing out! :)
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September 23, 2014