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I made a journal a while back about the games I want:…
I keep going back to this list updating it and wishing for the games that I don't have. That is a problem... I am earning money and I want to buy games that I don't have time for. I just bought a 3ds xl along with Animal Crossing NL, Kingdom Hearts 3D, Resident Evil Revelations, and some other lesser known games. All for $200 which is a great deal don't get me wrong but I want to make games not stockpile them. Then yesterday I bought Sid Meier's Civilization V: Complete Edition plus a Tile Generator(for game maker) for about $42. Again another good deal. I played with all those games and software for about 10 to 60 minuets each. Then I went to work. I work at a popular doughnut store, Krispy Kream. And at my job I got thinking about my near future plans and why they were getting held back. You see I want to make 2 games with some of my friends ( Tsebresos and WindWo1f ), create some more things that are stuck inside my head, and prepare to ether go back out on a mission or to prepare for school. I realized that I have to let some things go in order to make time for the things that will help me move forward with my life. I was miss managing my time that I have off work and Civilization V helped me realize that; thinking about how in RTS( Real Time Strategy ) games you need to manage your actions in order to have more things happen in a turn. And it is the same with life, and that's when it clicked that I need to let some things go, for a time at least. I have spent too many hours combing through ebay and steam looking for the best prices for the games I want. And in turn I spend a lot of time playing the sweet games I bought with money I could be using for food or saving for college. Plus spending $242 means I need to spend 2 weeks working at Krispy Kream to earn that back and I don't want to work there longer then I have to. This journal is to remind me that I already have A LOT of good games and I should be thankful for what I have instead of coveting games that I don't have. And I bet that there are more games that I haven't beaten then there are on my list of games that I want.


List Key
    Name of the Game/Game, System, Accessory, Other (do I own it?)* and (did I play it?)**
*Do I own it? Key
    No: I did play it before
    Pending: I pre-ordered it
    Borrow: I don't officially own it but it is shared
    Yes: I own it 100%
**Did I play it? Key
    No: I have not played the game yet
    A Little: I played some of the game 
    Yes: Played through the main experience/story
    Completed: I 100% the game

Computer ( Total Games: 67 )

Steam ( Total Games: 56 )

    Dota 2/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Civilization V/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Bastion/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Rogue Legacy/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Race The Sun/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Shovel Knight/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Mirror's Edge/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Rocketbirds: HC/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Game Dev Tycoon/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    LIMBO/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    A Virus Named TOM/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Scribblenauts Unlimited/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Mark of the Ninja/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Castle Crashers/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Team Fortress 2/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    CKC: Kaijuland Battles/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    CKC: Fall of Nemesis/Game (Pending) and (No)
    FEZ/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Anna-Extended Edition/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Portal/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Portal 2/Game (Yes) and (No)
    SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Mortal Kombat Kollection/Game (Yes) and (No)
    DuckTales Remastered/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Tomb Raider/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Eets Munchies/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Batman: AA/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Batman: AC/Game (Yes) and (No)
    BioShock/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    BioShock 2/Game (Yes) and (No)
    BioShock Infinite/Game (Yes) and (No)
    SystemShock 2/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Burnout Paradise: TUB/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Deadly Sin 2/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Dead Space/Game (Yes) and (No)
    FTL: Faster Than Light/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Guns of Icarus/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Legionwood 2: RotER/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Medal of Honer/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Octodad: DC/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Psychonauts/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sine Mora/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Skyborn/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    SkyDrift/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic Adventure DX/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic CD/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic Generations/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic the Hedghog 4 Episode 1/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sonic the Hedghog 4 Episode 2/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Spiral Knights/Game (Yes) and (No)
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    The Stanley Parable/Game (Yes) and (No)
    To the Moon/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Tropico 3/Game (Yes) and (No)

Origin ( Total Games: 2 )

    Dead Space 3/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Sims 3/Game (Yes) and (A Little)

Other ( Total Games: 9 )

    Another Perspective/Game (Yes) and (No)
    A Hat in Time/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Chroma Squad/Game (Pending) and (No)
    Mighty No. 9/Game (Pending) and (No)
    You Are Not The Hero/Game (Pending) and (A Little)
    Shantae: HGH/Game (Pending) and (No)
    Star Wars: The Old Republic/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    StarCraft 2: WOL/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    StarCraft 2: HOTS/Game (Yes) and (Yes)

Mobile Games ( Total Games: 3)

    Chess Free/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Tic Tac Toe/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Flow Free/Game (Yes) and (A Little)

Nintendo ( Total Games: 44 )

Nintendo Wii ( Total Games: 14 )

    Kirby's Epic Yarn/Game (Yes) and (Completed)
    Link's Crossbow Training/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Mario Cart Wii/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon: BR/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Rayman Origins/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Resident Evil 4/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Sonic Colors/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Wii Sports/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Starfox 64(VC)/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    My Life as a King/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    My Life as a Darklord/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Castlevania/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Pokemon Rumble/Game (Yes) and (Yes)

Nintendo 64 ( Total Games: 5 )

    Banjo Kazooie/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Banjo Twooie/Game (Yes) and (Completed)
    Golden Eye 007/Game (Barrow) and (A Little)
    Super Mario 64/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Super Smash Bros./Game (Barrow) and (Completed)

Nintendo 3DS ( Total Games: 11 )

    10-IN-1 Arcade Collection/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Animal Crossing: NL/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Dr. Mario/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Kingdom Hearts 3D: DDD/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Mario Cart 7/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Pushmo/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Resident Evil Revelations/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Super Mario Bros./Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    AR Games/Game (Yes) and (No)
    Face Raiders/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Mii Plaza/Game (Yes) and (A Little)

Nintendo DS ( Total Games: 11 )

    Animal Crossing: WW/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Final Fantasy III/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Petz Catz 2/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Pokemon Black Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Black 2 Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Conquest/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Pearl Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Soul Silver Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Resident Evil DS/Game (Yes) and (Completed)
    ScribbleNauts/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    Yoshi's Island DS/Game (Yes) and (Completed)

Game Boy Advance ( Total Games: 3 )

    Pokemon Fire Red Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Sapphire Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Pokemon Emerald Version/Game (Yes) and (Yes)

PlayStation ( Total Games: 11 )

PlayStation 2 ( Total Games: 11 )

    Jack and Daxter/Game (Yes) and (Compleated)
    Jack II/Game (Borrow) and (Yes)
    Jack 3/Game (Barrow) and (Yes)
    Jack X/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Jack and Daxter: LF/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    Kingdom Hearts/Game (Yes) and (Yes)
    WDL: Thunder Tanks/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    x-Men: ND/Game (Borrow) and (Compleated)
    Turok Evolution/Game (Yes) and (A Little)
    007 Nightfire/Game (Borrow) and (No)
    SSX3/Game (Yes) and (A Little)

X Box ( Total Games: 1 )

X Box 360

    Banjo Kazooie: N&B/Game (Yes) and (A Little)

Grand Total: 126+

And that is more then enough for me at this point in time. This journal took me 3 hours to wright. Do I have more games? Most likely I will add them if I remember and if I can find them. And if you count all the free games on flash game websites, emulators, and all the arcade games in StarCraft 2 there is an INFINITE number of games I could play.

This is one problem holding back my future out of the way. On to the next problem, this one more personal. The next Journal will be a top ten list of my favorite video games and a short story about a tragic event that had me worried for years.

Until then, this is IngoLingo signing out!
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Submitted on
August 21, 2014